Gourmet Salts

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Alaea Red Sea Salt
Traditional Hawaiian table salt, Alaea sea salt is all natural and rich in trace minerals found i..
Atlantic Ocean Sea Salt
These pristine crystals are solar evaporated from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. ..
Balsamic Fusion Salt
A fusion of the rich flavor of aged Modena balsamic vinegar with hand harvested sea salt results ..
Chipotle Fusion Salt
This seasoning combines the earthy spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of n..
Durango Hickory Salt
Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Hickory hard wood. The result is a full..
Fleur de Sel
The “caviar of salts” is harvested in the Guerande region of France. Chefs across the world c..
Garlic Fusion Salt
All natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic. A very gourmet version of traditional garl..
Ghost Chili Fusion Salt
This salt is the hottest salt in the world. Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Naga Jolok..
Himalayan Pink Salt
Pure, hand-mined salt found deep within the Himalayan Mountains. When it comes to purity and mine..
Hiwa Kai Black Salt
This unique Hawaiian salt is solar evaporated Pacific sea salt combined with activated charcoal. ..
Lime Fresco Fusion Salt
This fusion is tart without being sour. It is refreshing and versatile. ..
Mesquite Smoked Salt
Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Mesquite wood. The result is a full and..
Sel Gris
Carefully sifted from larger grains, this grey salt has extraordinary mineral content and is high..
Thai Ginger Fusion Salt
The ginger flavor of this fusion is superior to any powdered or synthetic flavorings. ..
Vanilla Fusion Salt
Made with Tahitian vanilla beans mixed with a delicate hand-harvested sea salt. ..