Individual Spices

We offer all of our spices and herbs either in ground or whole form. All spices and herbs come in a bag and can optionally include a glass jar for long term storage.

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Allspice Berries
(Pimenta Dioica) One of the few spices that still comes almost exclusively from it's native c..
Ancho Pepper
(Capiscum Annuum) Made from dried Poblano peppers, Ancho is the reconstituted form of the pep..
Anise Seed
(Pimoinella Anisum) Originating from the Mediterranean and Middle East, Anise is harvested fo..
Bay Leaves
(Laurus Nobilis) A must for slow-cooked dishes, Bay leaves release their flavor slowly. Fresh..
Caraway Seed
(Carum carvi) Most often associated as the key ingredient to Rye bread, Caraway is similar to..
Cardamom (Decorticated)
(Elettaria Cardamomum) A staple for Indian spice mixtures, Cardamom is used for it's intense ..
(Capiscum Annuum) The most common chili pepper, Cayenne peppers are small but pack a powerful..
Celery Seed
(Apium Graveolens) Giving the flavor and aroma of celery, celery seeds release a flavor much ..
(Capiscum Annuum) Made from the more common Jalapeno, Chipotle offers a smokey, sweet taste. ..
(Allium Schoenoprasum) A relative of the onion family, they are native to North America and E..
(Cinnamomum cassia) Our Korintje Cinnamon is of the highest quality, prized for it's high oil..
(Syzyium Aromaticum) From the dried flower buds of a small tropical evergreen tree, cloves or..
Coriander Seed
(Coriandrum Sativum) With a woody, citrus flavor, Coriander is a warm and mild spice. Grown f..
Crushed Red Pepper
(Capsicum Annuum) Crushed red pepper is a combination of several species of the Capsicum fami..
Cumin Seed
(Cuminum Cyminum) One of the most ancient of spices, it originates from the Mediterranean and..
Dill Seed
(Anethum graveolens) Often found in pickling spices and shellfish boils, Dill is a great base..
Fennel Seed
(Foeniculum Vulgare) Fennel seeds have a stong licorice-anise aroma, but are slightly sweet a..
Fenugreek Seed
(Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) A favorite in Indian cusine, Fenugreek has a bitter nutty flavor...
File' Powder
(Sassafras Albidum) Filé powder is made from the ground leaves of the Sassafras plant, it is..
(Allium Sativum) Dehydrated and crushed, it can be used with oil for a paste or in combinatio..
Ginger Root
(Zingiber Officinale) Ginger has strong citrusy flavor, with spicy understones and has been u..
(Lavandula Stoechas) Mostly grown in bulk to be processed for its essential oil, Lavender has..
Lemon Zest
(Citrus limon) The dehydrated outer peel of California lemons. Our Lemon Zest offers excellen..
(Cymbopogon Citratus) Native to India, Lemongrass has long been used for its medicinal qualit..
(Myristica Fragrans) Inside the fruit of Myristica Fragrans, is the seed Nutmeg. Around the o..
Marjoram Leaf
(Origanum Majorana) A member of the Origanum species, Marjoram is closley related to Oregano...
Mustard Seed, Brown
(Brassica Juncea) Native to India, brown mustard seeds have almost no aroma. Once ground they..
Mustard Seed, Yellow
(Brassica Alba) Mustard seeds have been traditionally used for pickling and preserving to add..
(Myristica Fragrans) Inside the fruit of Myristica Fragrans, is the seed Nutmeg. Nutmeg has a..
(Allium Cepa) Dehydrated onion is a great substitute without the bite of fresh onion. Dehydra..
Oregano, Mexican
(Lippia Graveolens) Less sweet than the Greek Oregano, Mexican Oregano is favored for its int..
Paprika, Smoked
(Capsicum Annuum) Spanish paprika smoked naturally before grinding. Bright in color, it also ..
(Petroselinum Neapolitanum) Used mostly as a garnish or paired with other hebs and spices to ..
Peppercorns, Green
(Piper Nigrum) Green peppercorns are actually the unripened fruit of the same variety of our ..
Peppercorns, Pink
(Schinus Terebinthifolius) Mild in heat, they are easily overpowered by their black, green, a..
Peppercorns, Tellicherry
(Piper Nigrum) Renown for their robust flavor and size, Our Tellicherry Peppercorns are of th..
Peppercorns, White
(Piper Nigrum) Similar to black peppercorns, white peppercorns are allowed to ripen to more f..
Roasted Cocoa Nibs
Cocoa nibs are simply the broken husks of the cocoa bean. They can be used in place of nuts for b..
(Rosemarinus officinalis) With a strong and pungent aroma, Rosemary has a soft pine-like flav..
(Salvia officinalis) Savory yet somewhat sweet, Sage is a staple in turkey or chicken stuffin..
(Satureja hortensis) Savory has a delicate, sweet flavor which pairs well with soups and stew..
Sesame Seed, Black
(Sesamum indicum) Slightly stronger is flavor than traditional sesame seeds, add black sesame..
Sesame Seed, Natural
(Sesamum indicum) Sesame Seeds have a nutty and somewhat sweet flavor. These tiny, flat seeds..
Star Anise
(Illicium verum) Native to southwest China, Star Anise has a similar flavor to that of Anise ..
(Thymus vulgaris) Thyme is known for it's sweet, earthy aroma which blends well with almost a..
(Curcuma longa) A distant relative of the Ginger family, Turmeric is used mainly to add color..
Vanilla Bean
(Vanilla aromatica) Our vanilla beans come direct from Madagascar and are of superior size an..