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Alchemy Spice BlendsThe best thing about Alchemy Spice is there is no wrong way to use our blends. We encourage our customers to try our products on many different foods. This promotes healthy home cooked meals and brings out the joys in cooking.

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Bayou Ya-Ya – Cajun Blend
The flavor you can't find anywhere but Louisiana. This Cajun blend is hot but also full of flavor..
Bella Garlique - Italian Blend
This is an all-purpose blend to be sprinkled generously into any recipe that calls for garlic. Me..
Chive Jive – Southwestern Blend
Remember your RV trip to the Southwest when you were ten? This is it, minus grandma's heat stroke..
Cloud Nine – Chili Blend
Three blind judges agree that this chili blend will turn any combination of meats, beans, tomatoe..
Daily Catch – Seafood Blend
With all the fish in the sea you have found the pearl of the seafood blends. Only the first tug o..
Easygoin' Seasoned Salt
Take it Easy. A sprinkle of Alchemy's Easygoin' Seasoned Salt relieves your culinary concerns and..
Far East – Curry Blend
This curry blend has such a wide range of flavors for the palate. Cumin and fennel create the str..
Fat Elvis – Memphis Dry Rub
It wasn't the sex, drugs, and rock n'roll that brought Elvis to his late-model plumpness, it was ..
Fusion Provence – Herbs de Provence
Forget about "freedom fries" and "freedom toast", just a taste of this will make you wonder why y..
Kitchen Karma – Mediterranean Blend
The perfect middle child. This is a rounded rosemary meshed with sage, garlic, greens, and corian..
Neo Masala – Indian Masala
The Marilyn of spices: hot, savory, and sweet at once. A powerful and authentic masala formulated..
Ole' Mole' - Mexican Mole' Blend
Suddenly chocolate is a suitable main course. Ole' Mole' reflects the Mexican dish that utilizes ..
Opa! Opa! – Greek Seasoning
Tired of your old nationality and your mom's boring traditional dishes? Fool your friends (and yo..
Post-Modern Poultry Seasoning
Poultry seasoning seeming like a dead duck stuffed in your spice cabinet lately? We don't blame y..
Proud To Be – American Blend
While traveling on a road trip across the country and seeing the pride that American's have in th..
Raging Monk – Spicy Thai Blend
This secret ancient blend comes from high up in the mountains of Thailand. A monk entrusted this ..
Scenic City Sizzle – Grilling Pepper
In the Scenic City where barbeque's North Carolina sweet sauce collides with Memphis's spicy rub ..
Sergeant’s Pepper – Herbed Pepper
Pepper didn't just get a makeover, it went witness protection. New pals, new ideas, and it's been..
The Alchemy LP – 4 Peppercorn Lemon-Pepper
Long-lost savory lends its peppery softness to this revised version of lemon pepper. Paired with ..
The Big Deal – Dill Blend
One bite and you will agree that this dill blend is a big deal. With seed and weed in this blend ..
The Jerk – Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Flavor like a five-year-old on a caffeine binge. The nuttiness of allspice, cloves, and nutmeg ac..
The Remedy – Steak & Veggie Rub
Don't let this one scare you. A brilliant balance of cumin and licoricey fennel, spicy with the r..
Voo-Doo Powder – Blackening Powder
The magic voo-doo hoo-doo powder you've been looking for. No, it can't change your boss into a ho..
Wake & Bake – Sweet Spice
Pumpkin pie, apple dumplings, snicker doodles, and streudel: Alchemy's Wake & Bake stirs any ..