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I first bought the Alchemy’s Italian dipping oil in Franklin, TN at the farmer’s market 3 yrs ago and have been using it ever since. we love it for dipping and for roasting fingerling potatoes. Thank you for making a quality product.
Aglore Hansen, Cypress, Calif.

I just bought and used the CLOUD 9 CHILE POWDER. I have been making chili for years, but this pot of chili had the most awakened flavor. The scent of the spices when I opened the jar let me know I was in store for some good flavors.

I really think these spice mixes blow most any others out of the water! My habit of using the Neo Masala on about anything (CHICKEN!) is pretty ridiculous, but the Chive Jive works surprisingly well when I put together my burgers. Loved everything I\’ve tried so far, the Mole mix is next!
J. Brad Hardin, Mur-vil TN

I bought a bottle of the Mediterranean Cooking & Dipping Oil at the Chattanooga Market several months ago and I just ordered more. We are hooked! We had been popping our popcorn in plain olive oil and started using this 1/2 and 1/2 and it gave it such a unique flavor! I also toss vegetables for our salads in it, and drizzle over brussel sprouts and onions … we put it on pretty much everything, actually. I have recommended it to all of my friends!
Christen Biddle, Albertville, Al

I brought a bottle of Alchemy’s Italian Dipping oil to serve with bread at my sister’s birthday dinner and we finished an entire loaf of bread before the meal had even started! Well done Alchemy Spice Company!
Linda Lundy, Chattanooga TN

We hosted a Cinco de Mayo party last night and I prepared chicken enchiladas seasoned with Ole Mole and black beans and rice seasoned with Chive Jive. Both were big hits and everyone asked to see the bottles so they knew what to look for. Great stuff.
Peter, Chattanooga, TN

I recently purchased Wake and Bake and have been sprinkling a little bit in my morning coffee for a rich taste of fall. I also love the Fat Elvis dry rub for the perfect pork roast. These spices also make great gifts. I would love to see some gift sets.
Teresa Curtis, Hixson, TN

I love the spices/seasonings so much, I had to share. Several years ago I started including a couple jars in all our gift baskets we sent family all around the country. Now they love them so much too, we get requests what everyone wants in their baskets ! a GREAT quality and taste on everyone we have used,which is most all of them
Debra Delkamp-Richardson, Trenton, GA

Last Cinco de Mayo, my friends and I threw a Mexican inspired cookout. Alchemy’s Lime Fresca infused salt was a hit! I used it to finish off the carne asada and also as the salt rim around the margarita glasses, both were a hit!
Anna, Nashville, TN

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