Private Labeling

Why private label with Alchemy Spice Company?

Alchemy Spice Company offers you the opportunity to expand your product line with a unique blend of superior quality and is pleased to assist you with any aspect of product development. We source all raw materials, offer custom labeling, and can even provide bar codes. Alchemy can manufacture a blend from a recipe you’ve created or custom-formulate a blend to your specification. In essence, Alchemy Spice Company can take your idea and give it a life, a flavor, and an identity. Best of all, Alchemy promises to make your product line expansion easy.


Alchemy Spice Company guarantees the same devotion to your product as we give our own. This means we will use the same high-quality spices, 90% of which are ground from whole, raw materials just before bottling. We will toast all seeds and berries in order to extract the most flavor from the essential oils, and we will use no MSG, preservatives, or anti-caking agents. Furthermore, we are committed to offering your customers a healthy product with low salt and sugar contents. At completion, you’ll have an extraordinarily fresh and flavorful, all natural, and healthy product to enhance your line.

Small Business

Alchemy Spice Company believes strongly in the idea of small business and is pleased to assist you in whatever ways we can. Take comfort in the knowledge that your blend will be constructed, from start to finish, by only three people, two of which are the company founders. Also know that, whenever possible, Alchemy sources work and products from other small businesses in an effort to develop a network of kinship and economic stability within the community.

What does Alchemy require?

In order to provide a product that best suits your needs (at the lowest cost possible), Alchemy asks that you develop some guiding principles regarding your product. What will the blend be used for primarily? Where will it be sold? What products will it accompany? What look do you prefer? Once we have good understanding of your desires, we’ll be able to proceed with definitive purpose.