The Alchemy Secret

Why buy the best vegetables and meats, then season them with lifeless, salt-ridden spice powders? Choose Alchemy Spice Company!

The Alchemy Method

What makes the Alchemy line truly unique can be found in our production methods. Each of our blends is produced with a micro-batch method, ensuring both quality and freshness. In fact, every batch of spices is made-to-order, meaning that each bottle of spice that you order is less than two weeks old when it arrives at your home. Like any consumable, spices provide the best flavor and aroma just after grinding, but the spices most people settle for in the grocery store have been sitting in storage for up to 5 years. Alchemy Spice Company might be the only spice company in the world to grind and prepare whole spices just minutes before bottling and only days before shipping.

Alchemy Ingredients

Alchemy Spice Company is dedicated to producing the highest quality spices available today. That means we go a step further than other spice companies. Our spices are all natural, meaning we use no flavor enhancing chemicals like MSG, and we don’t use synthetics like silicon dioxide to prevent caking (Wouldn’t you rather toss it in the blender than eat chemicals?). All you will find in a bottle of Alchemy Spice are the spices–and all of them are listed on the label. Our dedication to the highest quality can be found in everything we do: selection of whole, rather than pre-ground, spices; production methods based on quality rather than quantity; shipment only days after the spices have been blended and ground. No other spice company does this because no other company utilizes our micro-batch self-grinding methodology of production. Remember your first micro-brewed pilsner? Go ahead, put us to the test against any other spice blend on the market today.