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What we learned through the winters of grad school in Pennsylvania was that flavor equals socialization. Friday nights rarely lacked a pot of thick soup or fresh salsa or grilled baby bellas and steak (seared in a flurry of snowflakes); and our weekend visits to NYC taught us that there was no problem enlightening our taste buds while meeting our student budgets. Inexpensive cuts of meat like flank steak and short ribs are sophisticated with the right blend of flavor and technique. Squash and potatoes in a rich coconut-curry sauce brim with both vibrancy and comfort.

Displeased by the cliché, lifeless flavors offered by other companies, we began concocting our own spice mixtures and found that the perfect blends appeal not just to one sense but to several, creating complexities of flavor, scent, and sight that make eating not just an occurrence but an experience.