Spicy habaneros mix and mingle with crisp, natural Pacific sea salt for a fiery hot addition to your favorite recipes and finished dishes alike. Be warned: a little goes a long way. A must-have for heat-seekers the world over.

  • Ingredient List: sea salt and ground habanero peppers
  • Jar Net Weight: 4.6oz


Is it all natural?

Yes! Our gourmet salts are made with pure ocean sea salt or mineral salt, and contain no artificial flavors, dyes, or other additives.

How long will my salt blends last?

Salts keep indefinitely as long as they’re stored in dry, room temperature conditions. Salts with infused flavors begin to lose their flavor after 3 years.

Do I need to use a salt mill?

No, our gourmet salts have a fine grain size, so they can be used straight out of the jar without having to grind them.

Is it allergen free?

Yes, our salt products do not contain allergens and are produced in an allergen-free facility.

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