Weeknight Chicken or Pork Cutlets

Weeknight Chicken or Pork Cutlets

The beauty of cutlets is that it cooks so quickly, making it the perfect solution for a weeknight dinner. Making the cutlets themselves can take a few minutes, but can also be a giant stress reliever as they require pounding. It is also a great place to let a young chef take a turn helping.


Weeknight Chicken or Pork Cutlets

1 lb chicken breast or pork tenderloin or loin
½ cup AP flour
1 egg + 1 Tbsp water, beaten
1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs
1 Tbsp Alchemy All Purpose Seasoned Salt
3-4 T cooking oil
1 lemon, cut into wedges

Slice meat into 8 pieces. Between 2 pieces of saran or parchment, pound with a mallet or rolling pin or even a small skillet, until meat is thinned to ¼ inch.

In a shallow dish, place flour and season with 1 tsp of Alchemy AP Seasoned Salt.
In a shallow dish, place egg mix.
In a third shallow dish, mix Panko and remaining Alchemy AP Seasoned Salt.

Over med-high heat, heat large skillet and 2 Tbsp oil until oil is shimmering.
Dip cutlet, one at a time, into flour, egg, then breadcrumbs.
Add to pan, four at a time. Cook 2-3 minutes per side until crispy.
Set aside. Heat additional oil. Dip and cook remaining cutlets.
Serve with a lemon wedge. Squeeze juice just prior to eating.

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